School tracksuit sale/collection Friday 20th August 10.30am-12.30pm

Hi all,

I hope that you are all keeping well. The final days of the holidays are approaching and I would like this to be the last formal sale and collection of the school uniforms. Next week will be very busy with everything else that has to be done to reopen the school next Thursday 26th August. We have had a great uptake of the new tops, but there are still many families that have not bought or collected them yet. Of course if you have bought, or are going to use last years tracksuit top that is not a problem.

The next day the tracksuit top will be available for purchase and collection at the school will be this Friday 20th August between 10.30am and 12.30pm. The same rules as last week apply (you can see them below) and a big thank you to all the people that came last week and kept to the rules. You can bring the child along so that they can try on a sample top so that they will have the correct size.

I will be emailing parents early next week about the drop off and collection procedures for the year ahead- but they will be similar to last year (although your child may be going in a different gate, depending on the class)

Information for Collection-

NB- Each top costs €25.. if you could have the exact money ready that would be a lot easier for the school.

NB- We will only be selling one top per pupil at these collections- you will then have the option of ordering more tops at the collections and they will be delivered in the next four weeks. This means that we will at least have a new top for each child for the start of the year.

NB- as stated before the holidays- it is still an option to use the tracksuit top that was in use last year. In fact FENNESSYS on William St, Limerick still have those tracksuit tops for sale if anyone would prefer to buy them. They also have the plain light blue  polo shirts and PLAIN navy tracksuit bottoms that will be our uniform this year.

I will be there until 1pm- so please everyone do not all arrive at 11am. Of course everyone is asked to observe social distancing and to wear a mask when entering the school grounds. 

I hope the above is satisfactory for everyone.

The school is contactable during the holidays at

Take care,

David Bulfin

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