In September 2022, Patrickswell National School was selected to be part of the extension to the DEIS Programme.

The DEIS programme is the Department’s main policy initiative to respond to educational disadvantage. The DEIS programme focuses on targeting additional resources to those schools included in the programme to ensure every child has an equal opportunity to achieve their potential.

Schools coming into DEIS will be provided with access to supports which are the same as those provided to schools currently in the programme. At primary level this is based on what ‘DEIS band’ the school is in.

Patrickswell National School was assigned to DEIS Rural on the basis of information recorded in the National Census of 2017.

Resources available under the DEIS programme are used by schools to provide their students with the support and opportunities that they may not otherwise be available to them.

Supports for DEIS Rural schools

  • Circular 0034/2023 (Delivering Equality of Opportunity In Schools) action planning and grant allocation for all DEIS schools
  • Access to School Meals Programme – The Lunch Bag company provides free school meals to all pupils attending Patrickswell National School. For more information on The Lunch Bag please follow this link
  • Access to planning supports
  • Access to a range of professional development supports through Oide, the new integrated support service for teachers and school leaders (formerly PDST, CSL, JCT and NIPT).
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