Design and Make Activities

Ms. Noonan’s Junior Infants and Senior Infants had a great time designing, making and creating constructions using 3D recycled junk materials.

Ms. Noonan’s Junior and Senior Infants explored engineering through reading the book ‘Old Bear’ by Jane Hissey. They discussed the problem of Old Bear being put in the attic. They imagined some solutions. They planned an invention to help release bear. Finally, they created their design to help Old Bear escape.

Children wrote up their design and make activity on the ipads using the whole school agreed template.

Mrs. Lordan’s 2nd and 3rd Class designed and made various rockets in their teams. They wrote up their investigation on their ipads. They tested the distances traveled by each rocket using fair testing. They recorded their results using the Numbers app on their ipads. Finally they thought about how their rockets could be improved.

Their Rocket Challenge was even retweeted by Engineer’s Ireland

Mr Bulfin’s 3rd and 4th class worked on their ‘Paper Bridges’ for #Engineersweek..the bridges continued to look stronger and stronger and the children were coming up with great solutions @EngineerIreland.

Building Paper Bridges

Children extended the build a paper bridge by designing and making their own bridges at home with their families using materials from home.

6th Class children designed, made and experimented with different catapults.

Engineering Trails

During Engineer’s Week, children were given a set of clues about different types of engineers. In groups, they had to go to our school engineering display and figure out the specific engineering jobs that matched the clues. They completed the trail using Keynote on the ipad.

Engineer Trail Completed an ipad using Keynote
Engineer Display

Engineering Booklet

During Engineers’ Week, all the children of Patrickswell NS were given an Usbourne ‘Think like an Engineer’ Homework Booklet. Children completed engineering activities and worksheets in the booklet at home as part of their homework.

Children were inspired to make their own Space Junk Destroyers, Bedroom Cleaners and Space Explorers from the challenges in the booklets.
Children with their Usbourne ‘ Think like an Engineer’ Booklet

Local Engineers

We invited parents and grandparents of pupils in our school who are engineers to come into the school and talk with the children about engineering. We are so lucky to have great local engineers who came in to speak to our school about engineering. Many thanks for participating! These local engineers showed the pupils how to produce electricity using a gas chamber, showed children how sound travels and spoken to 6th class pupils about what subjects would be helpful to study in secondary school if a career in engineering was something that interested them. Analogue Devices @Learnit_Ireland Lego Robotics even came to the school and showed children how to programme robots.

A father of a child in 1st Class came in to 1st class to talk to us about his job as a computer engineer. We learned about how sound can travel. We learned about Sonic waves and waves to digits. What a great way to end Engineer’s Week!

Computer Engineer teaching about Sound Waves

6th class really enjoyed their Q&A with Design engineer John Ferguson of Optel (leading provider of traceability systems for pharmaceuticals, medical devices and hospitals) #STEMeducation #STEM #EngineersWeek #EngineersWeek2020.

John Ferguson talking to 6th Class

Local Engineer Ger Finnin and his grandson

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