Start of Year Parent/Teacher Meetings Mon 17th September

After a break last year we have decided to hold our start of year Parent/Teacher meetings. These meetings happen in a group setting and give the class teacher the opportunity to tell the parents: what the children will be learning for the year, how the child’s parents can help the child learn and also what is expected of the parent by the school. It is the perfect opportunity for parents to meet their child’s teacher and to ask any questions they have about their child’s education. The meetings take part in two blocks so parents can attend two meetings if they have children in different classes. Anyone with a child in sixth is encouraged to attend this meeting as Mr O Connor will be discussing the Secondary school application, We encourage every parent that can attend the meetings to be there please. Each meeting will take less than 30 mins

juniors-3rd Class meetings are 6.30pm

4th-6th Class meetings are 7pm

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