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Hi all, 

As everyone knows by now we got some good news in relation to the reopening of schools. This will be a partial re-opening of the school with approximately half of the students returning to school from NEXT MONDAY, 1st MARCH,

  • The classes that will be returning are: Ms Noonan’s Junior and Senior Infants, Ms Brennan’s Senior Infants and 1st Class and Ms Russell’s 2nd and 3rd Classes. 
  • It is important to note that 3rd class are returning as this has not been mentioned in the media. This is allowed as 2nd and 3rd are in the same “class bubble”. The classes will start school at the same time as before Christmas- so Ms Noonan’s and Ms Brennan’s will come in the front gate at 9.25am and Ms Russell’s will enter via the back gate at 9.20am. 
  • A ‘RETURN TO EDUCATION’ form will be required for each pupil returning to school (one for every child you have returning to school). Please hand this to your child on Monday morning and they can give it to me as they come through the gates. A child cannot re enter the school without this form, it is available at the following link   
  • I would advise parents to read Section 5 of our school Covid Response Plan ( as there have been some updates. This section is about ‘Preventing the Spread of the Virus’ and has been amended for this school reopening.
  • All communication with the school will continue to be by phone (061-355057) and email ( only.
  • Please can all parents adhere to public health guidance and we have been asked to reiterate that parents are not to congregate at the school gates before or after school. If you come by car, please wait there until your child’s class are going in or time to be at the school as close to the correct time as possible. We do appreciate everyone following this rule- thank you.
  • Finally, I have been asked to share a link to the updated Department of Education Wellbeing Resources. They are available at… 

Looking forward to seeing Juniors-3rd class on Monday. Online remote teaching will continue for the other classes. Hopefully the other classes will return on 15th March as mentioned🤞🏻. If you have any questions please email us at 

Take care,

David Bulfin

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