Which is the Strongest Magnet? Hands On Investigation

Mr. Bulfin’s 3rd and 4th Class investigated which magnet was the strongest magnet. They explored fridge magnets, bar magnets, wand magnets and a horse shoe magnet. They wrote up their investigations using the whole school science investigation template. They then shared their learning with Senior Infants and 1st Class.

Children wrote up the investigation using the whole school science investigation template.

Children used the Numbers app to record their results and create data in the form of bar charts. They recorded their investigations on the Keynote app. Have a listen below.

Magnetic or Non-magnetic? Hands On Investigation

Children in Senior Infants and 1st Class investigated magnetic and non-magnetic materials in class.
Senior Infants were given a magnet going home to test out a list of items. At home, children predicted if the item was magnetic or non-magnetic before they tested it. They recorded their predictions, then their results.

Investigating magnetic and non-magnetic materials.
Magnetic or Non-magnetic Investigation write up.

Bar Magnet Poles Hands On Investigation

Children explored poles using bar magnets. Watch this video to hear what they learned.

Children investigated how bar magnets attract and repel.
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