Waste and Recycling Reviews

5th Class committee members Abby and Fionn, interviewed our prinicipal Mr. Bulfin to review our schools impact on the environment in relation to litter. Mr. Bulfin identified Monday morning as the worst day for litter. Outside the school gate was identified as the worst area for litter with fast food containers being the most common type of litter.

Our committee members from 6th Class, Kelly and Annie were tasked with interviewing our secretary Karen Rowan in order to review our schools impact on the environment in relation to waste. Karen was kind enough to present some of the information in tables and graphs to make it easier to understand. From examining the kilograms of rubbished produced by our school in 2021 we could see that general waste accounted for 77%. Recycling only accounted for 23%. This indicates that we generate too much waste that is not recyclable. We aim to a.) lower the amount waste produced in 2022 and b.) reduce the percentage of general waste.

Kelly and Annie then created pie and column charts to show this information. They put it on our Green School display board to make the whole school aware of the findings. From the charts we could easily tell that January and March were our worst months for generating recycling waste with both months producing 72kg. March was also the worst month for general waste totalling 308kg. June was the 2nd highest month for producing general waste. We aim to lower these amounts for 2022.

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