Colour Changing Flower Experiment

This experiment shows us how plants use their stems for growth.  As the water is absorbed, we saw how it moves into the flower and the petals of the daffodil change colour. 
How does it work? The water travels up the stem of the plant into the flower where it makes food and keeps the plant rigid. There are two things that combine to move water through plants — transpiration and cohesion. Water evaporating from the leaves, buds, and petals (transpiration) pulls water up the stem of the plant. This works sort of like us sucking on a straw. 
The water movement process through tiny tubes in the plant is called capillary action. We used food. Imputing to see the movement of water into the flower clearly.  the water with food colouring does not harm the plant but it allows you to see the movement of water into the flower. 
We loved this experiment and observing the results! 

Identifying Local Spring Flowers

Ms. Brennan’s class went on a spring flower hunt in our local area. They identified daisies, daffodils, bluebells, pansies and tulips. They described the size and colour of each of these flowers and presented their findings to the class. Finally, they created a video about our local flowers to show our findings to Ms. Noonan’s class.

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