Soggy Boots Experiment

Here are some photos from 5th Class’ ‘Soggy Boots’ experiment. The children were to design a test to examine which materials were most and least waterproof (cotton wool, kitchen paper, tinfoil, baking paper). Most children set up the experiment as shown in the photo. They had to add a spoon of water over each material and keep repeating this until water seeped to the bottom. The first material to let water through was least water proof and the last material to let water through was most waterproof.

Perfect Parachutes

5th Class investigated different materials and their properties. The aim was to focus on gravity and air resistance. The children were given materials to make parachutes and test which material would make the best parachute (kitchen paper, cling film, tinfoil, baking paper). The best parachute had the best air resistance (baking paper).

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