Space Themed Art

Children in Ms. Noonan’s Class did ‘Out of this World’ STEM space themed art. They designed rockets and aliens using 2D shapes. Pick your favourite picture. Can you count how many stars, circles, squares, rectangles and triangles are in the picture?

Children in Ms. Brennan’s Class imagined what they could see in space and represented this through drawings and paintings.

Solar System Facts

Ms. Brennan’s Senior Infant and 1st Class learned about the planets in our solar system. They coloured the planets and arranged them in order of distance from the sun. The presented facts they learned about the solar system to their class.

Solar System Presentation

Space Week Homework Booklet

Children in Senior Infants and 1st Class were given a space week themed booklet to complete at home with their families for homework. First, children were asked to share with their families what they already know about space and what they’d like to learn.

KWL chart at home

Children coloured the planets and ordered them according to distance from the sun.

They designed their own planet imagining its size, moons, colour, inhabitants, materials and signs of life.

They also labelled the different parts of a rocket and explained their function.

parts of a rocket


Mrs. Twohig’s 2nd and 3rd Class learned about the moon landing, the space race and the Earth, moon and stars. They also explored satellites. They learned about the different parts of satellites and their functions. They then had a home STEM task of creating their own satellites using 3D junk material from home.

Rotation and Revolution

Ms. Russell explored with 4th Class how the Earth and moon orbit around the sun. They learned how revolution and rotation cause day and night on planet Earth. The created dials to illustrate how this works.

revolution and rotation

STEM Parachutes to illustrate Gravity

Children in 4th class made their own STEM parachutes. They threw them up in the air and demonstrated the force of gravity.

STEM Anti-gravity Galaxies

Ms. Russell’s Class explored gravity further by creating anti-gravity galaxies using plastic bottles. You can watch the glitter flow through the bottle as you shake it. It rises to the top of the bottle instead of sinking!

Phases of the Moon

Mr. Quaid’s 5th Class learned about the phases of the moon and explored how this affects tides. They learned that tides are highest during full moons and new moons and that they are lower during first and third quarter moons.

Solar System

Mr. O’Connor’s 6th Class learned about the solar system. The studied the size, distance from sun, length of day and year, temperature and diameter of the different planets. They were given a Home task of creating their own solar system that represented the diameters of the different planets as much as possible.

One of the children in 6th Class even got her solar system creation broadcast on RTE’s Afterschool Hub where she demonstrated her understanding and creation process excellently!

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