Inspiring Tales of Engineering

One of the children in 1st class was so inspired by engineering and space week that she wrote her very own story about a very tall giraffe with a very tricky problem. Leah wanted to travel to the moon but couldn’t find a rocket big enough to fit her. However, with the help of a unique unicorn called Una who was a rocket engineer, Leah was able to solve her problem! Check out this incredible engineering story by listening to Georgia’s audiorecording.

Building Brilliant Boats

Ms. Noonan’s and Ms. Brennan’s investigated materials at home that would make good boats. They explored absorbent and waterproof, flexible and rigid, light and heavy materials at home. They then selected the best materials to design their boats. Once they made their boats they tested to see if they could float and move in water.

Testing out our boats at home.

Checking to see if our boats could float!

When school reopened we brought in our boats and showed them off to our classmates. We explained why we chose our different materials and the steps to building our boats. Then, we tested them out in school to prove that could float and move which are two of the main success criteria for a good boat.

Brilliant Boats
Brilliant Boats!
Our boats can float and move!

Designing and Making Viking Shields

2nd and 3rd Class groups working together to design and create their Viking shields.
Viking Shields

Rapid Rollercoasters

For Engineer’s Week, Mr. Quaid’s Class talked about how rollercoasters are built and how they worked. Children then designed and created their own rollercoasters using materials they found at home.

5th Class home-made rollercoasters

Rollercoaster challenge!

6th Class Engineering Quiz and Reflections

Design and Make Pinwheels

Design and Make Junk Robots

During Engineer’s Week, children in Ms. Brennan’s Senior Infants and 1st Class watched the read aloud story ‘Rosie Revere, Engineer’ by Andrea Beaty. This story about a girl who designs and creates various inventions using junk material inspired us to make robots out of junk material.


Book by Andrea Beaty

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