Maths Week 2020

For Maths Week children in Juniors Infants, Senior Infants and 1st Class were given maths games to play at home. Ms. Noonan’s class identified numbers and sets of 1-5 and 1-10 by playing pairs and snap with their stars and rocket cards at home.

Ms. Brennan’s class practice addition to 10 by playing Rocket launch board game at home. They explored their 2D shapes by playing their road signs game at home. 1st Class also completed their Maths week homework booklet at home ordering sizes of different space items, playing Roll, Add, Colour and completing the Space Addition and Subtraction Puzzle.

Mrs. Twohig’s 2nd and 3rd Class explored 3D shapes and their properties. They went on a 3D shape Scavenger Hunt at home. Following this, they created their own satellites using 3D junk material from home.

4th Class explored how the revolution and rotation affected time zones around the world.

5th Class investigated the affect of moon phases on tides. They used the iNumbers app to create correlation and line charts on the ipad.

6th Class explored the circle and its properties through investigating the solar system. They used their rounding, division, estimating and measuring skills when trying to draw the planets as circles using compasses.

Maths Games

Infant classes have loved their Ready Set Go Maths games. They’ve been identifying sets and practicing one to one correspondence skills.

Ready Set Go Maths

Maths Art

Bats and Cats 2D Shape Tangrams
Halloween 2D Shape Art

Mrs. Twohig’s 2nd and 3rd Class created the 2D shape symmetry pumpkins. They had to put on their listening ears and carefully follow their positional language instructions. They pumpkins turned out great!

Using Maths skills and knowledge as part of STEM Design and Make

Ms. Russell’s 4th Class examined some of the tallest structures in the local and wider environment including the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Burj Khalifa, the Burj al Arab, Twin Towers, Empire State Building, Leinster House and Bunratty Castle. The reported on how tall these structures were and used 3D junk material from home to create them.

Burj Khalifa

Leaning Tower of Pisa

Leinster House

Bunratty Castle

Twin Towers

Recording and Analysing Data

Ms. Noonan’s and Ms. Brennan’s Classes collected data on their favourite colour. Ms. Noonan’s Junior Infants and Senior Infants created a spider pictogram and Ms. Brennan’s Senior Infants and 1st Class created a puimcín pictogram to show this information.

Maths Trails

Senior Infants and 1st Class went on a 2D shape hunt in their local environment in Patrickswell and in the wider environment in Adare.

2D shapes with a curved side

2D shapes with 4 straight sides

2D shapes with 3, 5 and 8 sides

Ready Set Go Maths

 Ready, Set, Go Maths, a numeracy programme recommended by the PDST, designed to enable children in Junior and Senior Infants to develop and consolidate their understanding of numbers through activities and interactive games. The programme focuses on 4 main areas;

  • Sorting
  • Relationships and Operations
  • Counting and Recognition
  • Understanding Numbers
Ms. Noonan’s Junior and Senior Infants having great fun playing their Ready Set Go Maths activities!

Table Toppers


Maths Week Poetry

During Maths Week children in Mrs. Twohig’s 2nd and 3rd Class wrote acrostic maths poems using all of the maths language.

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