Children used Maths skills via Recording and Analysing data.

Back in October, the community Of Patrickswell was putting together a ‘Report Of Needs’ that was to be given to Limerick County Council and hopefully used as the basis for the future plans for the village. Parents in the community got involved by completing the following survey
‘Patrickswell Community Plan – Community Vibrancy Questionnaire .’

Each class was asked to gather data to give to Limerick City and County Council to represent their views on how to enhance and care for their local community. Various types of charts and graphs were created.

Ms. Noonan’s Class Lollipop Chart
Ms. Brennan’s Class Tally and Bar Chart
Mr. O’Connor’s Pie Chart created on the Numbers app on the ipads
Mr. Bulfin’s Class Bar Chart

Mr. Quaid’s 5th Class even created a 3D structure to represent Patrickswell town currently. It was amazing to see such an accurate representation of our local village and its amenities.

Mr. Quaid’s 5th Class 3D Patrickswell Village

Children used Maths skills and knowledge as Design and Make and Art activities.

5th Class tangrams, Junior Infant pumpkins, Senior Infant witches and 6th Class ladybugs
3rd and 4th Class Pumpkins
1st Class Pumpkin Art and Venn diagram comparing and contrasting the circle and rectangle.
2D and 3D shape Halloween bunting.

Maths Week 2019 Trails and Challenges

All the children of Patrickswell National School took part in various mathematical activities throughout Maths Week 2019.
See the link below to view our Maths Week post on our school website.

Ms. Noonan’s Class went on a Maths Number Trail around the school.

Junior Infants, Senior Infants and 1st Class went on a 3D shape Halloween themed Maths Trail around the school. 2nd, 3rd and 4th Class went on a 2D shape hunt around the school and recorded their findings on the ipads. 5th and 6th Class went only a multi-strand Maths trail around the school.

3D shape, 2D shape and multi-strand Maths Trails

Children in 5th Class completed the SFI Design and Make SFI Amazing Triangles Activity.

5th Class Type of Triangles
Whole School Maths Games

Using Maths in Practical Ways to Help Explore and Solve Real World Problems

Children were given the task of creating and holding their own fundraiser in aid of Médecins Sans Frontières. Children held a Christmas themed Jumble Sale that was open to the whole school. Children brought in books, toys, games, jewelry, toiletries and home ware. They also baked treats at home with their families using their mathematical skills of measuring capacity and weight. They then brought these in for sale. 3rd Class were completely in charge of deciding what to charge for each item and playing the role of shopkeeper.

Throughout the day all the pupils of Patrickswell were actively engaging with the mathematical skills of
Applying and problem-solving – using mental maths to calculate how they could get the best value out of their money.

Communicating and expressing – via the role of customer and shopkeeper.

Integrating and connecting – repeated addition and multiplication skills when buying multiples of the one item.

Reasoning – explaining why they bought the items they did.

Understanding and recalling – using their mental maths skills to estimate total cost and change.

Implementing – recognising maths in their immediate environment.

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