Dell VEX Challenge

took part in the regional final of the Dell VEX Robotics Competition recently. Hosted by Dell Technologies in conjunction with Mary Immaculate College (MIC), the regional final saw students take part in a game-based engineering challenge to design, code and build robots. From September to January Mr. O’Connor’s class worked to design, build and programme a robot. Teams from Dell and MIC volunteered their time to support the children and teacher as they prepared for the competition and also organised practice sessions. Students learned many technical skills like robotics, engineering, design, programming and coding.

Safer Internet Day

As part of Safer Internet Day, children used the ipads to create posters that generated awareness about what cyber bullying is. They used the PicCollage app to create these posters.

Maths Apps

As part of our Digital Learning plan teachers and children across the whole school used specific educational apps to help develop pupils’ maths skills. Middle and senior classes used Hit the Button to see if regular practice on this app would help improve their tables. Infant classes used Khan Academy Kids to develop their number and concept skills.

Use ICT to record and Analyse Data

Children across the school used ipads to record and analyse data from their investigations on the iNumbers app. They created bar charts, column charts, pie charts and comparison charts. These charts helped children to identify and trends and draw conclusions.

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