Wellbeing is at the core of our school’s ethos. Here in Patrickswell National School, we aim to provide evidence-informed approaches and support, appropriate to need, to promote the wellbeing of all children in our school. Wellbeing is comprised of many interrelated aspects including being active, responsible, connected,
resilient, appreciated, respected and aware (DES & NCCA, 2017).

Wellbeing is present when a person realises their potential, is resilient in dealing with the normal stresses
of their life, takes care of their physical wellbeing and has a sense of purpose, connection and belonging to
a wider community. It is a fluid way of being and needs nurturing throughout life. (WHO), 2001).

Checkout some of the ways we foster wellbeing in our school.

National Confidence Day

Online Wellbeing with Webwise


Halloween Yoga


Visiting the Local Fairy Garden


School Trips


Exploring Nature

Appreciating the Arts

Listening and Responding to Music

Mindfulness Months

Friendship Week

Caring for our Local Environment


Being Involved with our Local Community via Tidy Towns

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