Booklists for academic year 2020/21are detailed within each of the individual class sections below. Please note the Booklists for 3rd/4th and 5th classes have gone under the 2nd class tab (scroll down under the 2nd class tab and you will find them)

Miss Noonan’s Junior Infant Book List 2021/22

Ms. Noonan's Senior Infants Booklist

Miss Noonan’s Senior Infants

Booklist 2021/22

We will be starting school on Thursday 26th of August 2020.                         

Ms. Brennan's Senior Infants Booklist

Ms Brennan’s Book List Senior Infants 2021/22


Ms Brennan’s Book List 1st Class 2021/22

2nd Class Booklist-                      2021/22

3rd Class Booklist- 2021/22  TEACHER TO BE APPOINTED

Mrs Twohig’s 3rd Class Booklist 

Ms Twohig’s 4th class

booklist 2021/22

Mr . Quaid’s 5th class booklist 2020/21

Mr. O’Connor’s 6th Class Booklist 2021/22

Patrickswell National School

6th Class Book List 2021-2022 (Mr. O’Connor)

Books (to be bought NEW)                                                                                    Approx Cost                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Maths:           Figure It Out 6 (CJ Fallon)                                                                         10.40

English:          Spellbound F (Folens)             – not Spellbound 6                                      €7.85



1) Other books ordered through the school (at a significantly discounted price to save you money)   €10
2) Book Rental                                                                                                                                        €10
3) Arts & Crafts                                                                                                                                      €30              

 TOTAL DUE TO THE SCHOOL                             €50

(To be paid on Aladdin on return to school)


Other Items: (you probably have some/all of these already J)

English Dictionary
 Irish/English   –   English/Irish Dictionary
 Calculator (any will do. If buying one, I recommend – Sharp Elsi Mate EL 240 SA – available in Mr. Price for €5)
 Maths set (with protractor and compass – available in Mr. Price / Tesco for €2)


NOTE: All writing and sums copies will be provided as part of Arts & Crafts money
 1 Refil Pad is all you need to buy in this regard


Boxes (to keep all books/copies in when in class) – will also be provided as part of Arts & Crafts
A lunchbox (to prevent any leaks etc from damaging books) and reusable drink bottle.
Pencil Case Biros (2red, 2blue, 2black+2green), 2 pencils, 1 rubber, 1 large 30cm ruler, 1 topper, 1 child friendly scissors, 1 large Prittstick & 1 Hi-lighter (any colour)    

NOTE – it is important that every child has their own one of all the above as shar
ing/swapping is not advised in current circumstances.
Crayons (Twistables) / Colouring pencils (NOT markers/gel pens)
NO Tipex allowed
Hand gel – will be available in the classroom but it is advisable to have your own personal, travel size one.

Looking forward to meeting you all,

Yours sincerely

P O’Connor (Class Teacher)



Avoid the long queues and get everything your child needs as soon as possible while they are in plentiful supply. Do not wait until the last minute.
All books & copies should be covered to ensure that they last the year.
Please ensure your child’s name & class is on all books, jumpers, coats etc.

We will return to school on Thursday 26th August and the school will close on this day at 12pm

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