Throughout the year in school and at home the children of Patrickswell National School have used technology as part of their school work. By technology we mean the use of Information Communications Technologies [ICT], coding, robotics or product design using materials.

Exploring Robotics

Mr. O’Connor’s Class were very lucky to have Analogue Devices @Learnit_Ireland Lego Robotics come to the school to visit them. They spent the day programming with 6th Class.

Exploring Electronic Components

Thanks so much to engineer Ger Finnin for coming into our school. He spoke with all the children in Junior Infants, Senior Infants and 1st Class. The children loved learning about how we can produce electricity using air! He was also very kind to gift every child with a pencil so that they can jot down their own engineering ideas and creations too. Children heated the glass chamber using the flame from a candle. When the glass chamber filled up with hot air it was pushed out. This then caused the wheel to spin which generated energy to light the light bulb.

Prior to Ger’s visit the children went on a science hunt for electrical appliances in the school. They took photos of these on their group ipads. Then they explored how electricity has made our lives in school and at home easier. They sorted household appliances past and present. They learned about electrical dangers and safety. Then, for homework the conducted electrical safety checklist in the houses. After they created electricity with engineer Ger Finnin all the children wrote up the investigation. They explained how we can generate electricity using air. All the investigations were so good!!

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