Record and Analyse Data collected using Graphs

Following Food Dudes Week, each class in the school was asked to create a tally chart to show their favourite fruit and vegetables. Mr. O’Connor’s 6th Class then inputted all of this data into our iNumbers app on the ipad to create pie charts and bar charts that illustrated the most popular fruit and vegetables in the whole school.

When analysing the phases of the moon and its affect on tides, Mr. Quaid’s 5th class created a correlation chart using the iNumbers app on our school ipads.

Ms. Brennan’s Class also created simple bar and column charts to show the results of their measuring capacity investigation. Check out their video their analyses of their results.

Create Videos to show our Work

Many classes created videos to show their investigations as seen in all of our science strands investigations. Classes used ipads, Keynote and fotoplay to help create these videos. Check out Ms. Russell’s Class’ video of their exciting experiment – How to keep temperatures steady.

Use electronic components to build simple circuits – Mr. Quaid’s


Ms. Twohig’s class love incorporating technology into their weekly geography lessons where they learn more about the shapes and locations of different countries and counties by engaging with the online game Worldle. Worldle gives you a shaded outline of a country and six tries to correctly identify the locale. As with Wordle, Worldle flashes green, yellow and grey squares. The difference is, here the more green squares you see the closer you are geographically to the right country. Worldle shows the distance your guess is to the actual location in kilometers but you can change that to miles in the Settings section, and even hide the country image for more of a challenge.

Exploring Robotics

Clever coding going on in 1st Class today. Coding is creating a set of instructions called a PROGRAM that tell machines EXACTLY what to do. We really enjoyed bringing to life our coding with our robots of the day Grace and Danika!!

Children then extended their learning by engaging with the game-based coding game ‘Box Island’. Box Island is a charming mobile coding game that takes boys and girls on an exciting adventure, while teaching the fundamentals of coding. Children apply the basics of algorithms, pattern recognition, sequences, loops and conditionals to progress through the super fun and challenging gameplay.


We’ve had so much fun exploring electrical circuits in school. We are so lucky to have had all these resources so that we could practice making simple Circuits in pairs. We learned how breaking a circuit stops the flow of electricity so the lamp won’t light or the buzzer won’t sound. We also learned how to check if a battery is dead or charged. Thanks so much to Mia’s dad for gifting all of these excellent electricity equipment!

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