Science Week show and Tell 2022

We were thrilled this year to be able to do a whole school show and tell. Children across the school researched their own science investigations at home. They brought these in to show their class and explained the procedure and theory of their experiment. Each teacher then selected three children from their class who they felt had put in excellent effort into their experiments and could explain it clearly. These children came to the hall to present their experiments to the whole school. It was a great success and we were so impressed by the effort and enthusiasm from all the children!

Science Week Show and Tell

As part of Science Week, all the children of Patrickswell N.S. came to school with their own Science investigation or experiment that they had researched and planned at home. They wrote up their investigation using the agreed whole school science investigation template at home. Different classes visited each other, sharing, demonstrating and explaining their scientific investigations and experiments to their peers. All the children and staff enjoyed the day so much and it was great to see children learning from one another. It was a great week in Patrickswell and we thank all the parents for their cooperation and participation.

Acid and base experiments, oil and water experiments
Volcano Explosions
Skittle rainbows, changing the colour of flowers, glitter bombs and sound experiments
Children’s write up of their investigations
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