The Board of Management

The following are the members of the Board of Management:

    • Chairperson: Mr PJ O Grady
    • Patron’s Nominee: Fr. Michael Cussen
    • Parents’ Nominees: Mrs. Janice Cahill, Mr. Alan Lyne
    • Community Nominees: Mrs. Louise Carey, Mrs Catherine Fitzgerald
    • Teachers’ Nominee: TBC
  • Principal/Board Secretary: Mr. David Bulfin

The Board of Management meets a minimum of five times a year as per rules for National Schools laid down by the Department of Education and Skills.

The Board communicates an agreed report to the Parents’ Association after each meeting.

Our Staff- 2022/23

Our staff is committed, professional and aims to provide a happy and inclusive school environment for every pupil.

Our Staff is as follows-

Principal&SET-  Mr. David Bulfin

Acting Vice Principal&SET- Mrs Mary Lordan

Juniors/ Seniors- Ms. Siobhan Noonan

First/second- Ms. Chloe Brennan

Third/Fourth Class- Ms. Twohig

Fourth/Fifth Class- Mr. Quaid

Fifth/Sixth Class- Mr. Paul O Connor

SET- Ms. Carmelann Harrington

SET- Mr. Sean Linnane

SNAs- Margaret Foley, Sarah Ruttle, Mary Shiels, Louise O Donnell

Secretary- Karen Ronan

  • Mainstream Teachers
  • Dedicated Special Education Teachers
  • Shared Special Education Teachers
  • Special Needs Assistants
  • Super Secretary
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