Green Schools Committee Teach Younger Classes

Environmental Awareness an Care is very important to us all at Patrickswell. We have a Green School’s Committee that make sure that our waste is collected and disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. At the beginning of the year members of our Green School Committee created a lesson on how to properly get rid of their waste in their classrooms. They came to the younger classes and taught this lesson. They did such a great job explaining everything to the children. They even created their own posters, worksheets and yes or no flashcards for the children to use during the Q and A part of their lesson.

The Green School’s Committee giving their lesson on waste to Senior Infants and 1st Class
Children’s lesson worksheet

How to Properly Dispose of Waste in our Classrooms Video

During the year, our Green School Committee noticed that the classroom bins were being used incorrectly. To tackle this they created a video using Keynote that clearly explained what exactly goes into each of the 3 different class bins. Well done to our committee members on a great job! This video will be used to teach our classes how to properly dispose of waste in our classrooms.

Green School Committee video

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