How does wind affect a boat?

Children created a boat that included a base, mast and sail. First, they tested the boat to see if it was buoyant. Then, they investigated the effect of different types of wind on the boat. They investigated how will the force of wind affect the motion and direction of the sailboat? The investigation consisted of 4 different trials; Trial #1: Direct Winds (children blew directly on the boat), Trial #2: Indirect Winds (children used a fan to blow indirectly), Trial #3: Strong Winds (children used a hairdryer) and Trial #4: Equal Winds (children blew on one side of their sailboat while their partner blew with the same force on the opposite side.)

How to Make Butter

A mixture is made up of two or more substances which are jumbled together. For example for
breakfast you may have a bowl of cereal and milk, this is a mixture. Cream is also a mixture. Ms. Noonan’s class separated cream into two parts, a solid and a liquid by applying force on it. Children had great fun shaking their jars of cream during their disco. Cream is made of tiny drops of water mixed with fat droplets and protein. Shaking the cream in the jar makes the fat droplets stick together, forming butter. The liquid part has the protein and that is the buttermilk.

How to Make a Rainbow

Children explored how to make a rainbow using light from the sun, water, white card and a mirror. A rainbow is an optical phenomenon that appears as a band of colors in an arc, resulting from the refraction of the sun’s light rays by the rain. When the sun shines on the droplets of water in the atmosphere, a rainbow, as people see it, is formed. A rainbow displays the colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet, in that order. Its formation can also be caused by mist, dew, and spray. When light strikes the surface of a water drop, it changes speed, causing it to bend. It is refracted as it enters the water and then refracts again as it leaves the droplet. The outcome is light being reflected in varying angles, creating a rainbow. Children learned how mirrors and white card are good reflectors of light and how light can be broken up into many different colours.

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