WW2 Code Crackers

Mr. O’Connor’s 6th Class had the best time becoming World War 2 code crackers. They had to solve a series of codes to help allied soldiers locate the enemy submarine and save the D-Day invasion. Children explored many computational-thinking concepts such as algorithms, decomposition, evaluation, logical reasoning, collaborating, creating, debugging, perseverance and tinkering. 6th class definitely persevered in cracking the code with the class even staying beyond the home time bell determined to crack the code! Cracking stuff!

Technology Week Display

Technology Past, Present and Future

Ms. Brennan’s Senior Infants and 1st Class discussed and sorted various technologies into past and present categories. They discussed how these technologies might be improved in the future. They came up with ideas such as teleporting phones, phones that find lost belongings, unbreakable phones that bounce back up when you drop them, aeroplanes that collect you from the roof of your house, solar-powered cars and cars that drive themselves!

Incredible Inventions

Ms. Russell’s 2nd and 3rd Class investigated incredible inventions that advanced technology and made our lives easier. This was a project they did at home and that they brought in to share with their classmates. Here’s some of what they found out about different technological inventions.

Sterling Engine
Sterling Engine
Electric Fence
Alexa invention
Submarine Invention
Laptop Invention

STEAM Workshops

Loved the STEAM Art Collaboration Exhibition in 2nd and 3rd class today. We learned about DNA, automated cars and neuroscience through the work of different artists! @DPSM_Activities@scienceirel@PDSTPrimarySTEM

Our senior infants and 1st Class enjoyed taking part in SFI’s visual art exhibition. They watched 1iing Heaney X iCRAG instrument went down under the sea and explored the otherworldly environment of the ocean. Children were inspired to draw, colour and paint what they imagined life under the sea to be.

Hour of Code

We had great code participating in our daily hour of code during technology week. 2nd, 3rd and 4th Classes had great fun developing their coding skills when playing Minecraft. Senior Infants and 1st Class loved learning new coding skills by playing Box Island on our ipads.

Terrific Technology Skills

Mrs. Lodan’s 3rd and 4th Class enjoyed creating and playing quizzes using their Kahoot app and using mentimeter to revise the Irish Famine.

Incredible iPads

Ms. Noonan’s junior and senior infants had so much fun developing their early computational skills playing fun educational games using the ipads.

Using Technology to Record Data

Children used the Numbers app on the ipad to create various types of graphs to communicate their results.

Safer Internet Day

The whole school took part in a home learning project where children explored internet safety, learning and responsibilities through the WebWise resources. They then sent in videos, poems, raps, colouring pages and posters communicating what they had learned.

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