Whole School Maths Investigation

Every year classes from 1st to 6th compete in our Table Toppers competition. This competition test children’s ability to rapidly respond to addition, subtraction, multiplication and division questions correctly. As rounds progress children our timed and eventually an overall winner announce. This year as part of our Digital Learning Plan we implemented the use of Hit the Button app as a wholeschool. This app allows children to practice their tables in a fun timed way. Children had a personal best chart to keep where they tracked their daily scores to see if they improved. All children noticed improvements in their scores and teachers commented how it was the toughest year yet to determine qualifiers for the whole school competition as the standard had really improved.


During Maths Week children learned and played different card games in class. Then, as part of their homework they brought home a deck of cards and played these games with their families. At the end of the week, Ms. Twohig’s and Ms. Brennan’s classes loved getting together for a fun Friday of Maths games to celebrate the end of Maths Week. They showed each other how to play different card games. Card games are a great, fun and easy way to develop children’s maths skills such as sorting, sequencing adding, deducting and memory skills. #mathsweekireland #mathsweek2022

Mr. O’Connor’s class were tasked with creating a Maths A to Z Vocabulary display. Children were given a maths word each. They wrote a definition for it and then created posters on the iPages app to illustrate the meaning.

Infant classes engaged in fun Halloween themed maths activities of counting, sorting and measuring.


For special occasions throughout the year, children created Art that was embedded in Maths. Children explored shape ad space as well as measurement in these fun maths art activities. Angles, lines, 2D and 3D shapes were all brought to life in these activities.

Maths Trails

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