Important Information Post Easter Holidays 2021

Important Information for Parents Post Easter Holidays 2021

Hi all,

I hope that everyone has had a nice Easter and enjoyed the break. At least in the coming weeks we will be able to travel around the county and everything will look new to us again! We have done so well so far, in the school, with regards Covid and the plans in place to limit its spread. Well done to all and we will all continue to try our best in the weeks ahead, until we get to the Summer holidays, to keep everyone safe.

The Department has asked schools to remind parents of the following important items before we return…

1. Remind parents to complete Return to Education Form in respect of children returning to school after the holidays. This form is available at the following link . This form can be printed off and signed by you and given to your child to hand to the teacher on Monday morning. Remember each child has to have their own form.


I am aware that some families may not be able to print this form out at home so If you send a message to the class teacher on Class Dojo containing the following sentence “I have no reason to believe that my child _put childs name here has infectious disease on returning to school” and make sure to include the parents name at the end of it. Remember a message has to be sent for each child you have attending the school and please if you are using this method have the message sent to the Class Dojo before Monday morning.

2. Remind parents of the importance of not congregating at or near school (please wear a mask when dropping off or collecting your child/children) and that communication with the school must take place by phone or online.

Tel: 061 355057.  Email: or Class Dojo with the class teachers

3. Remind parents of school policy in relation to children with symptoms of COVID-19 

4. Remind parents not to send children to school if they are close contacts of a person with COVID-19, are awaiting a test or are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19

5. Advise parents not to send pupils to school if they are identified by the HSE as a close contact of a confirmed case of COVID-19 or if they live with someone who has symptoms of the virus (this has been added since Christmas- so if anyone in the house has symptoms of Covid-19, the children in the house should not be attending school)

6. Advise parents not to send pupils to school if they have travelled outside of Ireland; in such instances parents are advised to consult and follow latest Government advice in relation to foreign travel

7. Advise parents to cooperate with any public health officials and the school for contact tracing purposes and follow any public health advice in the event of a case or outbreak in the school

If you have any questions please email the school at 

Looking forward to seeing everyone on Monday,

Take care,

David Bulfin 

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