Mandatory Face Mask Wearing for 3rd to 6th Class Pupils

Dear Parent,

Please find below the document sent by the Department at 5,20pm this evening to be implemented immediately (from tomorrow morning).

Please read the document very carefully- from tomorrow, Wednesday 1st DecemberALL CHILDREN FROM 3rd CLASS TO 6th CLASS HAVE TO WEAR A MASK. There are a few exemptions mentioned on the document, but very few of our pupils fall into this category. This “short-term” measure is going to be in place until at least Mid-February.

It is essential that all children from 3rd class up bring face-masks every day (they should have a few spares in their bags). They should also bring some Ziplock bags (sandwich bags) to store the face masks in.

Please also demonstrate to your child how to properly put on and take off the masks, ie that they should not take off the mask by grabbing the part over the mouth which will have germs on it. Always take off the mask by removing the strings from behind the ears.

All parents are again encouraged to wear face masks at the gates in the morning and afternoon- good example by the adults will help the children find it easier to wear the masks hopefully. 

Finally, well done to everybody so far for keeping our school so safe up until now- we really have done very well. Apparently school buildings have gone from being ‘safe’ to ‘not being safe’ over the space of a week (funny how that happens really), so we have to be extra careful. Face coverings are being made mandatory as positive tests in 5-12year olds has increased by 240% in the month of November.

Take care and please read the document below carefully,

David Bulfin 

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